About Us

At EDI by Design, we measure our success based on the success of our clients. We have built our platform based on the needs and requirements of our customers, ensuring they can get an EDI solution that matches the needs of their business and their budget.

We work with all sizes of client from small retailers to multi-chain brands, boutique manufacturers to multinational corporations.

Our goal is to ensure your business complies with the EDI requirements of the partners you trade with. Our platform will also ensure your business becomes more efficient, whatever your current systems or infrastructure.


At EDI by Design, we have an EDI solution for whatever type of business you run. This ranges from small retailers and boutique product manufacturers up to multinational corporations.

Our full service EDI solutions give you all the features you need with minimal fuss. Additionally, implementation into your existing systems and processes is straightforward, plus we can quickly and easily integrate our solution with other platforms you and your trading partners use.

It just works – it really is as simple as that. This lets you get on with growing your business, improving the service you offer to your customers, and delivering on your promises.

Our Team

The EDI by Design team is made up of experienced and professional EDI experts with extensive knowledge of implementing EDI solutions in client sites.

This means you can have confidence in our ability to deliver, and you can have confidence in our focus on your business. In other words, we'll ensure EDI by Design fits in with your current systems, platforms, and processes, not the other way around.

Industries We Serve at EDI by Design

We have experience working with businesses in all industries that have a requirement for EDI documents and transactions. We work with both large companies and small, from large corporations with comprehensive ERP systems to small retailers and manufactures with basic IT infrastructures.

Our clients include:

  • Retailers – boutique shops, retail chains, online stores, and more
  • Manufacturers and brands – in all industries
  • Wholesalers and distributors – improving supply chain efficiency throughout each stage

At EDI by Design, we also have experience working with customers in the automotive and healthcare industries.