EDI 856: Advance Shipment Notice/Manifest

The EDI 856 advance shipment notice is used to provide detailed information about a pending delivery of goods. It is commonly used by retail, manufacturing and automotive industries in response to EDI 850, EDI 830, or EDI 860 transactions. The ASN describes the contents that have been shipped as well the carrier moving the order, the size of shipment, ship date and in some case estimated delivery date also.

It is also known as x12 856 advance shipment notice.

Benefits of using EDI 856 advance shipment notice:

Implementing EDI 856 advance shipment notice is benefited for all the trading partners. Some benefits include:

• Cut costs of receiving goods
• Reduce order to payment cycles
• Reduce the need for safety stock
• Get products on store shelves faster
• Improve speed and accuracy of receiving goods
• More easily track shipment en route
• Facilitate better labor and equipment scheduling
• Track any missing cartons and making claims accordingly
• Gain visibility into inbound shipments and make adjustments to plans to accommodate incomplete or late shipments
• Improve retailer relationships by reducing stock outs, errors and missed deliveries

Key data element includes:

• ship-to location
• ship from/supplier
• ship notice number
• purchase order number
• ship and/or delivery date
• product/service identifiers such as UPC/EAN/GTIN with their respective quantities

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