EDI 824: Application Advice

An EDI 824 Application Advice transaction set is the electronic version of a document which is typically sent by the buyer to report the acceptance, rejection or required changes to an EDI document from a supplier. EDI 824 can report disposition of the previously sent transaction as any of the following:

• Accepted
• Rejected
• Accepted with change

It also provides trading partner information and technical error descriptions with free from text format capabilities.

Benefits of using EDI 824 application advice

Some of the benefit of EDI 824 can be include:

• Allow the originator of the transaction set to correct inconsistencies in a timely manner, minimizing the impact on time sensitive applications
• Reduce administrative time by eliminating the need to communicate application errors by phone, fax or mailed paper reports
• Eliminate data entry errors associated with manual process

Key data elements include:

• Reference numbers
• Trading partner information
• Quantities
• Monetary amounts
• Technical error descriptions with free from text format capability
• Dates

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