EDI 860 Purchase Order Change Request

EDI 860 Refers to the Purchase Order Change Request which is sent by the buyers for change requests in the previously transmitted PO (EDI 850) document. This is the sensitive document of EDI documents.

There are different types of changes that can be sent by the buyers in 860 files for previously transmitted 850(Purchase Order File). Below is the list of Common Changes, that’s included in the 860 files for the most retailers:


  1. Shipment Date Change(Reschedule shipment)
  2. Address Change(ship to or bill to)
  3. Free On Board and Payment method change
  4. Shipment Method Change
  5. Item Level Changes and Qty change etc
  6. Order Cancellation

Some of the Buyers don’t use the EDI 860 document, they send a replacement Purchase orders for PO (a type of purchase order) in the place of the 860 document

Why Buyers send 860?

There are multiple reasons are given below for the question why buyers use 860:

To Avoid to send replacement PO

Its better and easy process to send only necessary changes instead of to send full PO with same data except change segment.

Accurate Invoice

Every Buyer wants accurate and error less invoice of their every PO’s and 860 helps to update PO on time and their tax details and item on time.

This helps suppliers to avoid overcharging or undercharging their customer.

Faster process

860 Files contain only all necessary changes information that’s why the file size is small and easy to process. And From manual process, it takes more than 1 or 2 days in the process.

Why Suppliers use 860 and how 860 helps in supply chain?

Avoid Manual mistakes and improve time flexibility:

In the 860 files, only necessary changes are sent by the buyers and it becomes easier to handle and update po, and if this can be done by the manual then the possibilities of errors become double or more and by the manual method, it takes much

Accurate invoicing

860 helps to update PO timely and the entries of PO are accurate and updated that helps to invoice correctly because buyers get the invoice only for items that will be delivered by a supplier that they finally decided.

Inventory Management

After 860 processed the Warehouse ship only the correct quantity of items of PO that’s why it helps to manage inventory and avoid unnecessary packaging and labels create.

How an EDI provider helps in 860 process cycle?

EDI Providers like EDI By Design helps to automate your tractions and provide you stress-free environment with all EDI transactions. EDI By Design Process the 860 files and post all changes on time and with 100 accuracies that help on PO all EDI transactions that perform after 860.

With EDI by Design you can automate your all EDI transaction. EDI by Design can easily handle large amount of files and transactions easily. And you can feel stress free with your transaction.

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