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EDI Integration for SAP with EDI by Design

EDI integration for sap


EDI integration for SAP supports quick,   efficient, and accurate communication with trading partners, as well as helps to streamline processes across the various systems within an organization.

It is important to understand that SAP does not work directly with EDI. SAP has its messages called IDOCS, which are similar to EDI messages, but they have their formats.  To integrate EDI into SAP, conversion information must take place, whether a conversion is happening from SAP IDOC to EDI or EDI to SAP IDOC.

For example, when you receive a purchase order in SAP, it is translated from the EDI format into an IDOC that is then integrated into the ordering process and vice-versa.

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As you can imagine, integrating SAP with EDI requires an abundance of preparation and expertise. How you incorporate each system and trading partner into your EDI solution requires careful preparation for each stage of implementation, from pre-planning to final rollout.

A few questions should be thoroughly investigated and answered before deciding on an EDI solution, like how you plan to use EDI to impact the solution you need, whether are you using EDI for all your trading partners or just a few, which manual processes are you automating, how will you align all of the processes for smooth operations, etc?

You want to make sure that the vendor you choose will be able to make your vision a reality and address whatever needs may arrive.

EDI by Design offers an end-to-end EDI solution for SAP, including the ability to support tRFC (transactional remote function call) transmissions and SAP IDOC formats, all within a seamless integration. We bring proven technology and SAP experts to manage the process for implementation through the ongoing day-to-day operations.

EDI by design automates inbound and outbound communications to keep you connected with your suppliers, vendors, and third-party logistic companies. It includes all the communications about purchase orders, inventory updates, invoices, and many more.

We have three ways to help you in order to exchange all the documents securely:

  • Direct tRFC- EDI by design pushes files directly through the firewall, it becomes a direct connection or information to flow in and out through EDI system automation
  • On-promise Agent- On-promise agent configuration automatically sends outbound information, but restricts inbound transmission which gives you more control over what information can get into your SAP system
  • SFTP- It accommodates a variety of FTP options for you to send and receive data, which is an ultimate level of control.

EDI by Design is flexible, scalable, and customizable to suit your systems and communication within your organization.

Join hundreds of other companies that have replaced manual processes with the most complete EDI integration for SAP. Contact an EDI by Design representative for a brief or personalized demo.