Order Automation: An Easy and Effective Way

When your business is encountering high volumes of retail orders and purchase orders with hundreds of line items, order automation isn’t just a requirement. It’s a lifeline. Suppliers are winding up in present circumstance. Suppliers are adding new retail customers so automating the purchase order process with EDI becomes a top priority.

Results what suppliers looking for are?

  • No time spent keying purchase order
  • No errors
  • A scalable solution for growing order volumes
  • Order visibility between suppliers and retailers
  • Accessible & local reports

No More Manual Data Entry

With EDI from EDI by Design, orders arrive automatically into the system and there is no manual data entry required.

Complex Order from New Retailers

With our order automation process, one can easily manage its order volumes and complex purchase orders. No keying needed. The order is fed into their ERP with no human intervention without delay.

Order automation not only speeds up the purchase order process but also reduces errors.

Lowers Operational Costs

EDI by Design provides a solution with built-in AI capabilities that operates on configurable business rules, validate sales order data against information stored in ERP system or other systems of record and verify taxes, shipping charges etc.

Enhance Customer Experience

Our solution captures data with 100% accuracy, ensures customers receive goods they want, on time, delivered to the right location, and billed at the right prices.

Increases Time to Revenue

EDI by Design enhances workflow efficiency by delivering information to humans and integrated systems more quickly.