Order Management- All-in-One

Orders come through many wholesalers and direct to sales channels into suppliers business, that includes:

  • Wholesale Retailers
  • E-commerce
  • Marketplace

Suppliers have to continually check these entire sources if they don’t want to miss any order, which is a time-taking process itself. Suppliers don’t have extra time these days!

At EDI by Design, we provide a solution that processes e-commerce and marketplace orders as easily as EDI orders.

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We provide a solution that can manage any type of the order from any sales channel including:

  • Wholesaler
  • E-commerce
  • Marketplace

It manages both EDI orders and direct-to-consumer orders, where the supplier operated as a retailer. Everything is in one place and automatically updated with new orders, inventory counts, and shipment details. Suppliers can shop prices, book a shipment and produce a shipping label. Errors are eliminated and products get to where they need to go without delay. 

It can share order and inventory data for new sales channels to keep it up to date. 

One Place for all Orders

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