Purchase Order Acknowledgement Automation can transform your Supply Chain

With the development of online business and Omnichannel shopping, fulfilling orders has become increasingly complex. This makes communication between buyers and sellers more important than ever, particularly when it involves exchanging information about the status of orders. That’s where the purchase order acknowledgment comes in. Purchase order acknowledgments have become one of the most crucial EDI documents in today’s era between buyers and sellers.

 What is Purchase Order Acknowledgement

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Purchase Order Acknowledgement also known as EDI 855, it includes the following functions:

  • Acknowledges receipts of a purchase order from the buyer
  • Communicate seller’s intent to fulfill the order
  • Reports any error on the order such as inaccurate pricing etc
  • Communicates issues with fulfilling the order, such as insufficient quantities
  • For drop-ship orders provides retailers with delivery status information to share with the customer

Order Acknowledgement communicates how much of the product a buyer can expect from a seller.

EDI Integration automates the exchange of this information without any faxing, emailing, or manually entering orders into the system.

With automated purchase order acknowledgments, all the information about an order contained in one location. It also reduces time-consuming and costly issues such as ordering or holding more inventory than needed. It also eliminates the need for hiring additional staff to manually manage order status with suppliers.

Getting timely and complete order data for suppliers can have a multi-million dollar impact on buyer organization.

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