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SAP EDI Transactions

SAP EDI, short for Electronic Data Interchange, facilitates the electronic exchange of business transactional documents across diverse applications. Serving as an industry standard, it defines electronic documents, enabling seamless automation of internal transactions between affiliated companies. This process is supported by intermediate documents known as IDOCs.

Electronic Data Interchange expedites the processing of inventory information and order statuses, ensuring timely updates. For instance, when a supplier delivers goods to a distributor, this transaction is swiftly processed within the distributor's systems, facilitating efficient management of operations.

EDI for Business

EDI represents a modern technology for document transfer. In the past, businesses relied on traditional methods such as mail, courier, or fax to send invoices, delivery notes, checks, etc. However, with EDI, these documents can now be seamlessly transferred electronically between organizations.

Advantages/Benefits of SAP EDI

  • It aids in minimizing data entry errors.
  • It decreases paperwork and costs by digitizing information into electronic documents
  • EDI simplifies business tasks that previously required extensive paperwork and manual steps, streamlining transaction processes

  • Improved processing cycle time

  • Procurement sources are identified through past orders and extended purchase agreements. Utilizing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), RFQs can be electronically generated, enhancing efficiency in the procurement process

  • It contributes to enhanced business efficiency

  • EDI facilitates expedited transactions through real-time document transfer

  • Inventory management, decreased processing errors, transaction expenses, manual labor, clerical tasks, etc

  • Frequently used SAP EDI Transactions Code

Frequently Used SAP EDI Transaction Codes

SAP EDI Transaction Codes
Transaction Code Function
WEDI Easy Access to IDOC & EDI Basics
VA02 Change Sales Order
XD01 Create Customer Master Record
WE20 Electronic Trading Partner Profile
WE21 Ports in IDOC Processing
WE60 Documents for IDOC Type
SM30 Table Maintenance

For a deeper dive into the SAP EDI Transaction Codes talk to our EDI specialist.