What is EDI 940

What is EDI 940?

EDI 940 Warehouse Shipping Order is used to sent by a supplier to authorize and instruct remote warehouse to ship orders to a retailer, grocer or distributor or to a secondary location of the supplier and to provide detailed information concerning a warehouse shipment. EDI 940 can either convey instructions to ship the same product to multiple locations, or to ship specific cartons to a single location.

Essential Components of EDI 940

EDI 940 warehouse shipping orders need to have all the relevant details about an order as well as specific shipping details. Key component of Warehouse Shipping Order include:

  •  Purchase Order Number
  • Warehouse order details- product, quantity, expected shipping date, item identification
  • Ship-to address
  • Contact details of receiver
  • Shipping Instructions
  • Special equipment requirements

Benefits of Warehouse Shipping Order

Sellers can use EDI 940 to streamline communications with their faraway houses and 3PLs. Due to the fact this file may be absolutely automated, an EDI 940 can quickly be created and sent as quickly as an order is entered in the commercial enterprise system for inventory this is saved at a 3PL. This allows keep time with the aid of casting off the want to manually create a man and women shipment request for each order. Due to the fact EDI 940 pulls static directly from EDI 850 and different order records in the enterprise device, it enables to prevent mistakes that that may lead to faulty deliveries, missed shipments, and harm buying and selling companion relations.

EDI 940 warehouse shipping orders also are more relaxed than paper, emailed or faxed transport orders, making it less complicated for organizations to guard vital statistics, as an example, an EDI file can also go through at-rest or in transit encryption and your EDI program may also require two-issue consumer authentication to view the transaction.

Some of the benefits of the EDI 940 include:

  • Reduce administrative time spent by the supplier to manually submit  shipping orders and reduce time for 3PL to process paper-based shipping documents
  • Lessen quantity of paper-work and increase operating efficiencies through reduced time requirements to complete transactions by both the parties.
  • Eliminate the need to send/receive warehouse orders in several different formats.
  • Provide more accurate data and reduce error.

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