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When Retailers want EDI It is time for Order Automation

When Retailers want  EDI it is time for order automation


At the point when retailers update their exchanging necessities to incorporate EDI, the most ideal way forward for some, providers is framework robotization. This was the situation with a premium pet food supplier, treats and adornments. Their current client, Animates, had new EDI prerequisites for request computerization. Their team realized EDI was expected to help this business and the organization's development. They decided to smooth out the request mechanization process by incorporating EDI with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, their ERP arrangement.

"Sooner rather than later, pet food supplier attempts to computerize processes," said Dean Humphries, EBOS IT Project Manager. "We decided to coordinate EDI straightforwardly into our Microsoft Dynamics NAV framework. This computerization would move orders rapidly through the cycle, support request exactness and keep our groups zeroed in on different errands."

Combining the power of Dynamics NAV ERP with EDI

The automated EDI integration provided that supplier with the platform to:

  • Comply with retailer EDI requirements
  • Issue purchase order confirmations
  • Print barcode labels and packing slips
  • Send advance shipping notices

These means could be performed from inside their ERP with further developed information exactness and a solitary hotspot for dealing with their orders.

“Orders come into pet food supplier and are at once posted to our Microsoft NAV system to validate, and then they are off to the warehouse for fulfillment,” said Dean. “Our teams can stay within NAV to complete the process and EDI by Design takes care of all of the EDI transactions and requirements. The EDI integrations helped them to deploy the solution and an automated process that makes the most of our ERP and keeps us compliant.”

A New Era of EDI Order Automation

Pet food supplier is currently ready to scale its request satisfaction to effectively address the issues of its expected mechanization with existing clients not long from now. This extension is conceivable in light of the fact that their activities and client support groups have quick admittance to all EDI orders and other client correspondences from the EDI by Design Fulfillment arrangement. They can without much of a stretch react to clients, certainly know a request's status and be cautioned in NAV if a request or conveyance cutoff time is in danger.

Because of its incorporated Microsoft NAV EDI arrangement, the organization is encountering improved invoicing precision by diminishing estimating mistakes. The organization can give better request status visibility to its client assistance group and is seeing its items on the rack quicker.

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