EDI 301: Booking Confirmation (Ocean)

EDI 301 is an electronic document needed to the EDI 300. This EDI document is sent by ocean carriers in response to requests to reserve space in an ocean vessel and book it for transportation. It can be used to accept, conditionally accept or reject a shipment.

This transaction set can be used to provide all the information necessary for an ocean carrier to confirm space, container and equipment availability in response to the reservation or to notify other parties such as terminal operators or other ocean carriers.

Benefits using EDI 301

EDI 301 document is used in conjunction with other transaction sets related to ocean carrier shipments. The data elements include:

• Special handling instructions
• Shipping information like carrier service, ship and/or delivery date
• Dangerous goods
• Route information with preferences
• Packing group

Other benefits include:

• Equipment to be transported through an ocean vessel
• Space in an ocean vessel
• Containers

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