EDI 811: Consolidate Service Invoice Statement

EDI 811 document is used in place of the paper invoice or statement for very complex and structured building applications. EDI 811 consolidate service invoice statement provides for extensive flexibility in the type and organization of data that may be presented.

Different EDI 811 document formats may be used to provide different levels of account invoice and statement information, to accommodate multiple account levels.

Benefits of using EDI 811 consolidate service invoice statement

EDI 811 can contain up to nine hierarchical levels. It allows more flexibility in the type and organization for billing multiple service providers and accommodates a variety of billing arrangements within one EDI transaction. It can be used in place of EDI 810 Invoice and is broadly used within the telecommunication industries.
There are three different EDI 811 formats available:

Single account billing- One account, one service, one invoice
Group Account Billing- Several single accounts consolidate under one master account, all on one invoice
Consolidate account billing- Single accounts or group billing accounts consolidated under one master account

EDI 811 transaction supports two different levels of billing to accommodate different billing levels and account structure:

EDI 811 Summary bill- Provides customers with a summary of invoice information for high level invoice processing
EDI 811 Detailed bill- Provides customers with complete billing information, which enables a detailed analysis of service levels and charges by the customer

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