EDI 812- Credit/Debit Adjustment

The EDI 812 credit/debit adjustment transaction set is used by buyers (retailers, grocers or distributors) and sellers (suppliers or manufacturers) to either send a notification of an adjustment or billback or request an adjustment or billback. EDI 812 credit/debit adjustment is an electronic version of a paper credit or debit memo.

It is also called x12 812 credit/debit adjustments.

Common reasons for using EDI 812 credit/debit adjustments are:

• Items were defective, damaged or spoiled
• The number of item delivered was more or less than the amount ordered
• Items will be or have been returned
• An adjustment or deduction has occurred for rebates or allowances
• The wrong products were sent
• Products were not received
• There was a pricing error on the original PO or invoice

Benefits of using EDI 812 credit/debit adjustments

There are benefits to both the purchaser and supplier of implementing electronic exchange of credit/debit adjustments. Some of the benefits include:

• Reduce time and effort spent in sending or receiving credits/debits
• Provides backup documentation for deductions or credits
• Reduce paperwork and gain operating efficiencies
• Reconcile all documents against a remittance advice
• Reduce errors from manual data entry

Key data element includes:

• The original PO or transaction number
• The reason for the adjustment
• The amount of the adjustment
• The items being adjusts

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