EDI 830: EDI Planning Schedule with Release

The EDI 830 also referred as EDI planning schedule with release is essentially an electronic sales forecast. It is used by a buyer to communicate anticipated demand for products for a specific period. Sale forecast can be done by the three ways:

• As a sales forecast
• As a forecast and an authorization for the recipient to commit to resources
• As a forecast that also includes order release levels

The transaction set is primarily used by suppliers and buyers in automotive, grocery, mass merchandise and retail drug industry.

Benefits of using EDI 830: EDI planning schedule with release

Both the sender and the receiver benefit from implementing the EDI planning schedule with release. Some of the benefits of EDI 830 include:

• The EDI 830 document is part of the demand planning process for buyers and sellers
• Allows the supplier to anticipate demand for a buyer’s desired products or prevent having too much or not enough of a particular product.
• Allows the buyer and seller to enhance visibility, collaboration and alignment in advance of the purchase order placement.
• Enables a range of forecasting programs so both the buyer and the supplier can manage inventory more effectively

Key data elements include:

• Forecast schedule quantities
• Product information/identifiers
• Ship to information
• Delivery requirements
• Supplier information

Automate EDI 830-EDI planning schedule with release