EDI 832: Price/Sales Catalog

The EDI 832 price/catalog document is used to electronically request or provide the prices of goods or services in the form of a catalog. Suppliers use EDI 832 document as an e-catalog to deliver the full catalog of their products and pricing electronically.

EDI 832 also known as x12 832 price/sales catalog.

Benefits of using EDI 832 price/sale catalog

Benefits of using EDI 832 are:

• Gain operating efficiencies by reducing paperwork
• Reduce data entry cost
• Save administration time by automating the receipt/submission of price/sale catalog information

Key data elements include:

• Identifying number
• Product description detail, consistent with category norms
• Unit price and taxation detail
• Unit of measurement
• Product item identifiers/services such as UPC/EAN/GTIN
• Date of transmission, reflecting the time at which document is accurate

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