Flexible and Secure EDI Transaction Communications


If you are looking for a Value-Added Network (VAN) or AS/2 communication solution for your EDI transactions, EDI VAN is the perfect choice. EDI VAN is fully certified and can communicate with any other VAN system in addition to being able to communicate EDI transactions using AS/2.

In other words, with our EDI VAN product, you will be able to transact with all your trading partners, whatever EDI systems or platforms they use.

Plus, there is no need to install anything on your current IT infrastructure, and there are no ERP system integration requirements. Instead, EDI VAN works like a mailbox for your EDI transactions to pass through.

The Right Solution for Your Needs

  • Affordable EDI VAN solution
  • Fully certified
  • Can handle both VAN and AS/2 communication protocols
  • Secure
  • Reliable
  • We handle all the setting up
  • Supports both EDIFACT and ASC X-12 transaction formats

How EDI VAN Works

Our EDI VAN solution includes Value-Added Network (VAN) communication as well as AS/2 communication functionality.

VAN is a method of securely and reliably communicating EDI transactions.

AS/2 is an alternative method of communicating EDI transactions using verification of receipt functionality and encryption technology to secure the transaction while it is in transit.

While VAN is the main method of communication we use at EDI by Design, EDI VAN also supports AS/2 communication if your EDI trading partners require it.

In addition, your trading partners don't need to use an EDI by Design solution to transact with you when you have our EDI VAN product. Instead, EDI VAN will interconnect with your customer's or supplier's own VAN, or we can communicate with them via AS/2.

For this illustration, you’re are a supplier providing goods to a large retailer. The retailer's purchasing system will send transaction details to its EDI system for it to be sent to you via your customer's EDI VAN.

Your EDI VAN solution from EDI by Design will then interconnect with your customer's VAN, acting like a mailbox. The transaction will flow through the EDI by Design VAN into your EDI system ready for processing.

Implementing EDI VAN

It couldn’t be easier to implement EDI VAN to reliably and securely communicate EDI transactions. In fact, you don't have to anything during the setup phase as our team handles everything. This includes integrating with your trading partner's VANs through our supplier onboarding process.

We’ll then provide support as your EDI team run final tests, plus we’ll provide any training that is necessary.