The EDI Solution You've Been Looking For

High Volume B2B

High Volume B2B is an EDI solution from EDI by Design that is fully integrated into your ERP system. In other words, it delivers all the benefits you expect from having the ability to transact in full Electronic Data Interchange compliance while remaining in full control of your ERP system

High Volume B2B supports both main transaction set formats – ASC X12 and DIFACT. This enables you to transact with any customer or supplier, setting the requirements yourself or complying with the requirements of your trading partner.

You will also achieve full supply chain document automation, delivering significant efficiency savings. In addition, the minimisation of data entry that High Volume B2B delivers almost eliminates the human errors that can occur in this manual process.

At EDI by Design, we look after the integration process of High Volume B2B and will train your team, plus we offer affordable prices for our industry-leading EDI solution. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

What we do at EDI by design

At EDI by Design, we support you through each step of the process. This includes ensuring you get the right EDI solution, customising our offering to meet your requirements.

We will then plan and implement the integration of our solution to your ERP system, working effectively and efficiently with your IT team. We have extensive experience of integrations and a tried and tested process that ensures speed and efficiency.

Part of the process also includes ensuring all required transaction set formats are fully set up, plus we will onboard your initial list of suppliers, where applicable.

Start the process by contacting us today to arrange a consultation with a member of our team.

High Volume B2B Features – What You Can Do

Examples of the things you will be able to do with EDI documents when you have the High Volume B2B solution include:

  • Process and ship orders
  • Create Advance Shipping Notices – you can even convert POs into Advance Shipping Notices
  • Send invoices directly to the accounting systems of your customers or receive invoices from your suppliers into your accounting platform
  • Send or receive electronic payment notifications
  • And much, much more...

Benefits of the High Volume B2B EDI Solution

  • You will achieve full EDI compliance, enabling you to more effectively and efficiently transact with any trading partner
  • Improves supply chain efficiency by automating previously time-consuming and error-prone manual processes
  • Makes transactions with your biggest customers more efficient, improving business-critical relationships
  • Reduces errors that can arise from manual data entry
  • Minimises payment delays as the transfer of critical documents is more efficient. In addition, there is greater transparency in the process plus High Volume B2B integrates with accounting platforms allowing the automatic transfer of invoices and other documents
  • Plus, High Volume B2B is affordable, ensuring you get maximum return on investment.