EDI 210: Motor Carrier Freight Details & Invoice

The EDI 210 transaction set is called the motor carrier freight details and invoice, replaces paper invoices and is used by freight charges. It is used by commercial truckers and other freight carriers.

In some cases, EDI 210 sent for the carrier to a shipper, consignee or third-party centre for payment of freight charges.

The EDI 210 is also known as x12 motor carrier freight details and invoices.

Benefits of using EDI 210 motor carrier freight details and invoices

An individual EDI 210 document is typically sent for each shipment moved by the carrier which includes key data elements like:

• Tracking numbers
• Bill of lading number
• Invoice number and date
• Delivery information
• Amount items in a shipment
• Details of charge
• Weight of a shipment

Other Benefits include:

• Reduce errors from manual data entry
• Reduce paper handling and mailing costs incurred from using paper invoices
• Save time and improve productivity by automating manual processes
• Communicate electronically ns seamlessly with all parties in the supply chain process

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