EDI 204: Motor Carrier Load Tender

The EDI 204 motor carrier load tender transaction set is the Motor Carrier Load Tender. This is used by shippers to communicate a request to a full truckload Motor Carrier for the movement of a shipment. It may be used for creating a new shipment, updating or replacing shipment, or canceling a shipment. Shippers may include manufacturers, distribution centers, wholesalers, or any organization that hands and ships goods.

The EDI 204 is also called x12 Motor Carrier Load Tender. It is generally not used for shipments that are less than a full truckload.

Benefits of Using an EDI 204 Motor Carrier Load Tender

The EDI 204 document typically provides detailed pick-up and delivery information for a load, usually for a single pickup location. You can get all key data element using EDI 204 which includes:

You can use an EDI 180 to communicate electronically with trading partner’s order information such as:

• Scheduling
• Description of goods to be shipped
• Ship-to Location
• Size of the trailer or other equipments requirements
• Receiver contact information

Other Benefits include:

• Reduce data entry errors
• Improves shipment planning for shippers and carriers
• Provides more accurate data in the motor carrier freight details and invoice (EDI 210) and the transportation carrier shipment status message (EDI 214)
• Helps the carrier understand the requirements of the shipment and its associated costs.

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