EDI 215: Motor Carrier Pickup Manifest

The EDI 215 motor carrier pickup manifest is an electronic document containing information that is needed t o manifest a motor carrier pickup request. EDI 215 includes shipping details bar code identification numbers, number of pieces, weight and other identification numbers.

EDI 215 does not provide a motor carrier with details relating to load tender, legal bill of lading, pickup notification or appointment scheduling

Benefits of using EDI 215:

The key data element in a purchase order includes:

• Item identifiers including vendor number, shipping information, geographic location, export/import license, quantity and weight
• Payment identifiers including tax information, shipment rates and charges
• Consolidate manifest data, shipment or package dimensions and many more

Other benefits include:

• Improvement in shipment planning for shippers and carriers
• Further elimination of manual processing as well as keying errors by the carrier
• Reduction in volume of paper flow between all trading partner
• Improved operational efficiencies gained through reduced time requirements in completing transactions by both parties

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