EDI 816: Organizational Relationships

The EDI 816 organizational relationship is the electronic version of transaction set, used in two formats for transmitting location information. EDI 816 is comprised of two formats. First format is used for delivering location address and the second format is used to communicate information about the organizational relationships between locations such as store services by specific distribution centers or warehouses.

EDI 816’s primary role is to deliver information to trading partner such as sender’s location address and their corresponding codes.

Benefits of using EDI 816 organizational relationships

Implementation of EDI 816 is benefited to all trading partner buyers, sellers and logistic partners. Some of the benefits include:

• Better operating efficiency to reduced time needed to complete transactions by each party
• Elimination of data entry errors associated with manual processes
• A reduction in the volume of paper documents
• Potential to increase the overall speed of fulfillment, allowing a retailer to lower their on-hand inventory

Some other benefits include:

• Codes to identify original or additional information
• Senders locations, addresses and corresponding codes
• Codes to represent previous information that needs deletion
• Eligibility to purchase under the terms of a seller

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