EDI 845: Price Authorization Acknowledgement Status

The EDI 845 price authorization acknowledgement status is also known as x12 845. Vendors and manufacturers used this document to transmit specific data related to the status or of changes to a contract to retailers and distributors.

The EDI price authorization acknowledgement status document is a part of the product/pricing group of EDI transaction.

Benefits of using EDI 845 price authorization acknowledgement status

There are benefits for both buyer and supplier from implementing the EDI 845. Some benefits include:

• Retailers and distributors can manage supplier/manufacturer contracts more effectively
• Retailers and distributors can improve pricing accuracy in customer billing
• Both parties can reduce paperwork and gain operating efficiencies by completing transaction faster
• Both parties can reduce time and effort spent in pricing chargeback reconciliation

Key data elements include:

• Add customer
• Item addition
• Remove customer
• Item removal
• Change customer details
• Item price change

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