EDI 852: Product Activity Data

EDI 852 product activity data is used to exchange detailed sales and inventory information between sellers and buyers. It helps buyers and sellers collaborate to improve sales and inventory performance.

It is also known as x12 852 and may include any or all of the information related to item description and UPC, quantity sold, quantity on hand, quantity on order, forecast sales history and/or comparison to prior periods.

Benefits of using EDI 852 product activity data:

EDI 852 is often sent on weekly basis and can be benefited for both retailer and distributor. Some of the benefits include:

• Gain visibility into product sales performance at the store level or by product
• Optimize inventory planning and management
• Reduce the risk of stock-outs and overstock positions

Key data elements include:

• Item and quantity sold
• Out of stock quantities
• Item and quantity sold in units
• On-order quantities as reflected in the buyer’s systems
• Quantity on hand
• Adjustments into inventor
• Quantities received as reflected in the buyer’s system

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