EDI 850: Purchase Order

EDI 850 Purchase Order is an electronic purchase order sent from buyer to a seller requesting goods or services. It generally provides the information including items, prices and quantity ordered, shipping details, payment terms, and discounts.

It is also known as X12 850 purchase order or EDIFACT ORDERS.

Benefits of using EDI 850 purchase order:

Implementing EDI 850 purchase orders is benefited for both buyers and suppliers. Some of the benefits include:

• Reduce time spent manually submitting orders (buyer) and manually receiving and entering purchase orders (supplier)
• Increase the speed of fulfillment and reduce on-hand inventory
• Eliminate data entry errors associated with manual processes
• Reduce paperwork and gain operating efficiencies

Key data elements include:

• Purchase order date
• Location(s) where product/services should be supplied to
• Purchase order number
• Product item identifiers/services such as UPC/EAN/GTIN needed with their respective quantities
• Request ship and/or delivery date

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