EDI 855: Purchase Order Acknowledgement

EDI 855 purchase order is also known as x12855 purchase order acknowledgement. Using the EDI 855 sellers communicate receipt or rejection of an order to a buyer. It also communicates errors or changes to an order.

Functionality of EDI 855 includes:

• Acknowledge receipt of a purchase order from a buyer
• Communicates sellers intent to fulfill the order
• Reports any error on the order such as inaccurate pricing etc
• Communicates issues with fulfilling the order, such as insufficient quantities
• For drop-ship orders, provides retailers with delivery status information to share with customer

Benefits of using EDI 855 purchase order acknowledgement

Benefits of EDI 855 include:

• Improve efficiency by eliminating the need to call, email or fax confirmation of order receipt
• Provide timely and automated visibility into a supplier’s commitment to fulfill the order
• Reduce errors and discrepancies from manual data entry
• Reduce post invoice reconciliation issues
• Confirm e-commerce order details for end consumers

Key data element includes:

• Purchase order number
• Location(s) where products/services should be shipped
• Purchase order date
• Product item identifiers such as UPC/EAN/GTIN needed with their respective quantity
• Request ship and/or delivery date

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