EDI 865: Purchase Order Change

EDI 865 is a purchase order change request initiated by seller. Sellers transmit EDI 865 documents either to acknowledge the acceptance or rejection of purchase order submitted by buyer or to request changes in purchase order submitted by buyers.

It is also known as x12 865 purchase order change.

Benefits of using EDI 865:

Benefits of using EDI 865 include:

• Reduce errors and discrepancies from manual data entry
• Improve efficiency by eliminating the need to call, email or fax confirmation of order changes
• Reduce post-invoice reconciliation issues
• Confirm e-commerce order details for end consumers
• Provide timely and automated visibility into a supplier’s commitment to fulfill an order.

Key data elements include:

• Add additional items
• Changes to line items
• Quantity increase
• Quantity decrease
• Price changes
• Date reschedule
• Item deleted
• Item accepted
• Item accepted-quantity changed

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