EDI 860: Purchase Order Change

The EDI 860 used by buyers to confirm their acceptance of changes to purchase order made by the supplier. This document on is important for ensuring that the final order is accurate. EDI 860 provides information about original purchase order, as well as changes to that purchase order. Changing may include adding items, changing items, changing dates, changing prices r rescheduling an order.

Benefits of using EDI 860 purchase order change:

Implementing the EDI 860 purchase order change can be benefited for both buyers and suppliers. Some of the benefit includes:

• Allow the purchaser to modify an order quantity based on current inventories to enable future demand planning
• Update the buyer’s and supplier’s system to create a record of the change, should any discrepancies arise.
• Improve efficiency of executing purchase order changes
• Gain consensus between buyer and supplier on order details
• Ensure accuracy of final order.

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