EDI 861: Receiving Advice/Acceptance Certificate

EDI 861is an electronic version of a receiving advice/acceptance certificate is an electronic version of paper receiving advice/acceptance certificate used in automatic stock replenishment programs managed by the suppler or vendor.

This transaction set can be used to provide for customary and established business and industry practice relative to the notification of receipt or formal acceptance of goods and services.

Benefits of using EDI 861 receiving advice/acceptance certificate:

Some benefits of EDI 861 include:

• Improved overall inventory accuracy
• Ability to identify/fix errors that could affect buyer/vendor relationship
• Ability to fix inventory errors more efficiently
• Reduction of manual processes in addressing consumer returns
• Ability to identify potential fraud

Key data elements include:

• Return delivery confirmation and conditions details
• Verification of what was shipped versus received
• Notification that addresses whether all or part of a shipment was received or not received
• Verification of whether any items were damaged in transmit

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