EDI 300: Reservations (Booking Request) (Ocean)

EDI 300 is an electronic document containing information that is needed to file a booking request for an ocean vessel. It is a set of transportation-based EDI documents used by a shipper or forwarder to reserve space, shipping containers or equipment for transport via an ocean vessel.

The data contents an EDI format of EDI 300 Reservation (Booking Request) (Ocean) are used for the electronic interchange of information. It is divided into various segments and data elements.

Benefits of using EDI 300

Benefits of the EDI 300 Reservations Booking (Ocean) are bi-directional for both users and recipients. The key data elements include:

• Reserve containers and/or equipment for ocean-going transport
• Reserve space on an ocean vessel for transport
• Ocean going shipment booking/processing

Other benefits include:

• Ability to automate booking request for product transport on ocean vessels
• Ability to automate booking request for equipment or containers on ocean vessels
• Reduction of errors and better reliability and predictability overall
• Reduced or eliminate manual entry of data