EDI 180: Return Merchandise Authorization

An EDI 180 is an electronic document that represents return merchandise authorization and notification to a vendor within the context of the electronic data interchange environment.

After the EDI 10 document is received, it must be translated into a functional system format. All companies have their own standard set of definitions for EDI 180 so use a platform like EDI by design to configure and translate these documents automatically.

Once translated, return information can be configured to sync with an internal system of record, like an ERP, thereby removing manual data entry and allowing for expedite returns processing.

Benefits of Using an EDI 180 Return Merchandise Authorization

Trading partners using return merchandise authorization receive a variety of benefits. These benefits range from increased efficiency by shortening the time needed to notify and process a return to the product in addition to better inventory accuracy.

You can use an EDI 180 to communicate electronically with trading partner’s order information such as:

• Request for returns
• Authorization or disposition of Returns
• Return notification
• Notifications of Consumer Returns
• Shipping Information

Other Benefits include:

• Reduction of paper flow through reduced time requirements to complete transactions by both the parties
• Elimination or reduction of administrative time spent manually tracking returns
• Potential to increase the speed of reimbursement to the consumer

Automate EDI 180 with EDI by Design

Managing ongoing EDI tasks can be complex and time-consuming. EDI by design communicate directly with your trading partners to manage connectivity, setup, requirements, and updates and support efforts. EDI by design also takes ownership of understanding your trading partner requirements and making map challenges.

EDI by Design delivers EDI technology and associated responsible for customizing, operating your EDI solution. EDI by Design takes ownership of understanding your trading partner requirements and making map changes.