EDI 754: Routing Instructions

EDI 754 transaction set allows the communication of routing instructions for a supplier. Buyer’s used EDI 754 routing instructions document as a response to the supplier’s EDI 753 document. The information included in routing instructions gives approval for the shipment and the necessary information about shipment.

EDI 754 routing instruction falls under the category of X12 M Supply chain transaction set. It also called x12 754 routing instructions

Benefits of using 754 routing instruction

The key data element s included in an EDI 754 routing instructions:

• Carrier Information
• Pickup date and time
• Number of trailers provided

Other benefits include:

• Improves accuracy of data
• Facilitates routing process automation
• Improves operating efficiencies through the elimination of manual process
• Allows the buyer to control their inventory and decrease their transportation costs

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