The EDI Solution You've Been Looking For

Small Business B2B

Small Business B2B is a cloud-based EDI solution with an extensive list of powerful features that will bring multiple benefits to your business. This includes bringing your systems and processes in line with your big customers who have EDI requirements.

We developed Small Business B2B specifically for small companies to facilitate their trade with large companies, including multinational corporations. In other words, Small Business B2B will improve the relationships you have with existing customers and may also open doors for you with new customers in the future.

What we do at EDI by design

We make EDI simple, from the implementation of the solution to transacting with EDI documents.

In other words, we handle everything, leaving you to run your business and look after your customers. This includes implementation, integration, support, platform upgrades, and more.

Making your business more efficient

Small Business B2B automates the flow of documents between your business and your customers. With our solutions, you can:

  • Support for all transaction sets
  • Translate received EDI transactions into readable documents
  • Convert POs into pre-filled Advance Shipping Notices and invoices
  • Print barcode labels as per your customers' requirements in addition to branded packing slips
  • Improve your order-to-cash cycle by automatically inputting your invoices into your customer's accounts system, matching invoices with POs, and receiving electronic automated clearing house deposits.
  • Access all transactions and documents whenever you need them, wherever you are, and on any device, as Small Business B2B is cloud-based
  • Integrate Small Business B2B with your other systems and platforms including accounting software, shipping systems, platforms used by third-party logistics providers or warehouses – in fact, almost any platform or system that uses common document and integration formats such as Excel, CSV, etc

Support for a Wide Range of Transaction Set Formats

The Small Business B2B EDI solution seamlessly supports all commonly used transaction set formats.

This includes DIFACT transaction set formats and ASC X12 transaction set formats. The latter includes:

  • EDI 850
  • EDI 855
  • EDI 856
  • EDI 810
  • EDI 997

Benefits of Our Small Business B2B EDI Solution

  • Improves the level of service you offer to clients
  • Improves the relationships you have with your clients
  • Delivers efficiency savings in your document handling and transaction processes
  • Improves cash flow as automating document exchanges gets you paid faster
  • Delivers high returns on investment, not least because of the affordability of the solution

What we offer

  • Value added network (VAN) service or AS/2 for EDI transmission mail-boxing of EDI transactions
  • Mapping and translation of all EDI transaction types that you require
  • Testing with your EDI trading partners
  • Management of upgrades for new versions as required by your trading partners
  • Training of your users

Don't worry if you don't know what some of the above means or entails, as we handle everything and will talk you through the process. You'll get expert advice from our team to ensure you're fully informed when making a decision.