EDI 315: Status Details (Ocean)

EDI 315 is an electronic document, contains information that is needed to report status and event details about shipment and containers.

Sometime, it also used with the other data sets to exchange information related to ocean carriers. It allows authorized parties to manifest the details of a single event or status that are related to containers or shipments. It also allows them to learn about more than one event or status for any particular container or shipment.

Benefits of using EDI 315:

Benefits of using EDI 315 are bi-directional for both users and recipients. The key data elements included in EDI 315 are:

• Event and status details (Ocean)
• Functional group header
• Shipment status
• Transaction set header
• Port or terminal
• Beginning segment for inquiry or reply
• Date/time reference
• Reference identification
• Interchange control header

Other benefits include:

• Reduced or eliminate manual entry of data
• Reduction of errors and better reliability and predictability overall

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