Supplier Onboarding to Your EDI Solution

One of the most resource-intensive parts of implementing an EDI solution is the supplier onboarding process, i.e. interconnecting their EDI systems with yours. This can be challenging because many of your suppliers will use an EDI solution from a different vendor, plus you will have suppliers who will not have an EDI system at all.

Bringing each supplier up to a compliant standard becomes a slow process and, without the right compliance testing solution in place, will take up a lot of your resources.

We have the right supplier onboarding solution at EDI by Design. In fact, our solution can handle almost the whole supplier onboarding process. This solution comes with all our EDI products including:

Proven Process

Our tried and tested process and experienced team will efficiently complete EDI compliance testing and will support your suppliers to rapidly get them onboard.

This will reduce the resources required from you to a minimum. As a result, your EDI compliance testing costs will significantly reduce too. This is because your EDI, buying, accounts, and warehouse teams can get on with doing their jobs rather than assisting with the EDI onboarding process.

During the process, your suppliers will have three tests to complete to ensure compliance:

  • ASC X12 and EDIFACT compliance
  • Content testing
  • Business rules testing

After successfully completing these tests, you can have confidence completing EDI transactions.

Benefits of Our Supplier Onboarding Solution

  • You don't need to allocate additional resources to the testing process
  • Faster testing process
  • Improved accuracy during testing
  • High numbers of suppliers brought onboard per month

Supplier Onboarding You Can Trust

While we emphasise efficiency, volume, and speed in our supplier onboarding process, we also ensure each of your suppliers is fully tested according to your guidelines. This ensures high levels of accuracy in the EDI data you send and receive, making your supply chain more efficient.

An Efficient Process for Your Suppliers Too

Our supplier onboard process is highly efficient and cost-effective for you, but we also ensure the process is straightforward for your suppliers as well.

All your suppliers will have access to your EDI specifications, and they will get a detailed explanation of what they need to do during the testing stages.

Our team supports them in this part of the process, with our system providing your suppliers with real-time feedback so they can quickly identify and correct errors.

Plus, we don't charge your suppliers anything.

Key Features of the Supplier Onboarding Process

  • Portal for suppliers to access that includes guides, your EDI specifications, FAQs, training videos, and more
  • We test all EDI document types as well as multiple flow paths
  • Our process involves your suppliers self-testing, reducing the resources required by your team