EDI 214: Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message

The EDI 214 transportation carrier shipment status message transaction set represents a Transportation Carrier Shipment Status message. It is used by truckload and LTL carriers to inform shippers of the detailed status of their shipments. A shipper will typically require EDI 214 based on specific events like when the carrier has arrived at the pickup location, when the load arrives at the destination and when the carrier has left loading dock at the destination.

The EDI 214 is also called x12 Transportation Carrier Shipment Status Message.

Benefits of using EDI 214 transportation carrier shipment status message

This EDI 214 transaction set can be used by a transportation carrier to provide shippers, consignees, and their agents with the status of shipments in terms of the dates, times, locations, route, identifying numbers, and conveyance. The key elements include:

• PO information
• Shipment destination
• Proof of delivery
• Shipment status details
• Expected Delivery
• Shipment description
• Shipping origination

Other benefits include:

• Retailers can manage receiving resources by using EDI 214 if there are delays in the shipment so they can adjust loading dock schedules, staffing assignments and more
• EDI 214 can be used to evaluate carrier performance
• EDI 214 allows the shippers to verify information like bill of lading, PO number, SCAC code and delivery information before paying the carrier.

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