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How to Prevent Stockouts using Retail Data Analytics

Retailers, Data Management


It's hardly unexpected that stock shortages pose a crucial issue in the retail sector. As per advisory firm IHL, these shortages result in almost $1 trillion in lost sales yearly. Assessments indicate that suppliers typically f...

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Unfolding four key shipping challenges

Suppliers, Order Management

Initially, shipping appears straightforward—a matter of choosing the right product, securely packing it, arranging carrier shipment, labeling,...

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Overcoming Common Challenges in Distribution

Data Management, Distributors, Inventory Management


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How to choose right EDI provider for your business

EDI Service Provider, EDI for SAP

What to Look for In an EDI Provider

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3 Ways to Eliminate Chargebacks

Chargeback, 3Pls

Tired of Chargebacks? EDI by Design can help you find ways to reduce chargebacks without spending a lot of time and energy doing it.

For years many people much of businesses have come from having strong relationships.

Being hit with chargebacks is often just a matter of doing busine...

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