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EDI is a technology that allows wholesalers and distributors to communicate with their suppliers and customers. It provides a safe, secure, reliable and fast way of transmitting data between trading partners.


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Full Edi & ERP Integration

Accomplish more profit on your ERP investment.

EDI testing & certification

Comply with your trading partners EDI testing

Web form based EDI solution

Comply with your trading partners EDI requirements

Integrate with financial institution

Integrate your EDI relationship with your bank by handling all your Payable and Receivable relationships

API Development

create your own API allowing others to communicate directly with you

Locally Install EDI solutions

Integrate entire EDI process into your organizations ERP or accounting system

Supply Chain Solutions

Improve connectivity and deliver quick access to data for better decision making

How We Help Wholesellers & Manufacturers:

How We Help Wholesellers:

A complete experience that the partners & customers can engage with in a meaningful way

Improve Retail Partnership

The retail industry is in a constant state of flux, and the way that retailers interact with their suppliers has also changed

Add New Customers Fast

It automates the process by which the company interacts with its customers and provides them with an end-to-end service. This includes everything from order management to billing, including invoicing and payments, and it is a one stop solution for all your needs

Reduce Errors

EDI improves accuracy by reducing the risk of any information being misinterpreted. Anytime data is copied from one location to another, it increases the potential that some elements may have been lost or corrupted

Lower Expenses

Significant costs can be avoided by using AI, these include managing mailroom sorting and circulation, as well as repeating key tasks. The system allows for manual input without the risk of errors that would otherwise have been made

Transaction Security

EDI makes transactions more secure by ensuring data is securely transmitted across a variety of protocols and standards

Transaction Tracking

With EDI, companies are able to track the whole process of their business. This includes any files that are transferred and when. This way they can keep track of their entire order cycle


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