EDI For Healthcare Industries

EDI makes it easier to submit supporting documentation and claims. Providers & payers can correctly identify submission errors, which saves a lot of admin time. This means reduced chances for denials and more money for the company.


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Full Edi & ERP Integration

Accomplish more profit on your ERP investment.

EDI testing & certification

Comply with your trading partners EDI testing

Web form based EDI solution

Comply with your trading partners EDI requirements

Integrate with financial institution

Integrate your EDI relationship with your bank by handling all your Payable and Receivable relationships

API Development

create your own API allowing others to communicate directly with you

Locally Install EDI solutions

Integrate entire EDI process into your organizations ERP or accounting system

Supply Chain Solutions

Improve connectivity and deliver quick access to data for better decision making

How We Help Healthcare Industries:

How We Help Healthcare Industries:

A complete experience that the partners & customers can engage with in a meaningful way

Eliminates HIPAA violations

EDI eliminates HIPAA violations by providing a secure and private channel to share patient information, such as medical records, prescriptions, and lab results

Standardization In Formats

Standardizes in formats to provide a uniform format for exchanging business documents

Prevent errors

A way to automate and track transactions which can be helpful for managing large volumes of data

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Automated data entry

It can help companies automate the process of data entry and make it more efficient

Lower cost-high productivity

EDI can help in lower cost-high productivity because it can be used to exchange data with other organizations at a faster pace and with less human intervention


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