EDI For Manufacturing Industry

EDI has been a cornerstone of the manufacturing industry and can provide several advantages that come with embracing the system. These advantages include reliable communications and optimization.


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We empower data collaboration in the supply chain with an expert team

Full Edi & ERP Integration

Accomplish more profit on your ERP investment.

EDI testing & certification

Comply with your trading partners EDI testing

Web form based EDI solution

Comply with your trading partners EDI requirements

Integrate with financial institution

Integrate your EDI relationship with your bank by handling all your Payable and Receivable relationships

API Development

create your own API allowing others to communicate directly with you

Locally Install EDI solutions

Integrate entire EDI process into your organizations ERP or accounting system

Supply Chain Solutions

Improve connectivity and deliver quick access to data for better decision making

How We Help Manufacturers

How We Help Manufacturers

A complete experience that the partners & customers can engage with in a meaningful way

Controlled Inventory management

In order to avoid purchasing too much inventory and equipment that lead to an unsatisfied customer, it's important that you have a good inventory management strategy

Accurate demand forecast

EDI makes it easier to predict future sales or demand

Automated transaction workflow

Automated transactions are one way in which businesses can save time and money. With an automated transaction workflow, when you make a purchase from the company's website, for example, the next time you log in to your account, a notification pops up that lets you know about the transaction and asks for your confirmation. The entire process is fully automated and will be completed without any human intervention.

Reduced human errors

Using a powerful EDI platform like EDI by Design can reduce human errors, create more cost-effective transactions, and help businesses save time and money

Reduced Dependency

EDI integration is becoming less necessary due to the increased visibility offered by improved AI and machine learning tools. They also can provide a higher level of control for your organization


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