EDI Testing and Certification

We can help you comply with the EDI regulations and best practices of your retail clients by testing your software thoroughly.


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Seamless EDI Testing and certification

Multi layer Validation of transactions

This often means managing hierarchical and complex datasets, performing multi-level testing or validation of transactions

Connecting legacy applications with modern applications

It includes relevant legacy programming skills and generate reports from legacy system data

Efficiency improvement upto 95%

Complex EDI tests that would take hours to complete by hand can be run within a few minutes. Even the most complex tests that would take days and often cost thousands of dollars to conduct, can be conducted in under an hour without incurring these extra expenses

Advance tools & techniques allow stakeholder to track the status of project

When using advanced EDI software, you can easily provide stakeholders with a list of all the statuses and things that are going on at any given time

Gaps and risks are identified early in the process

Identifying gaps and risks in the early stage helps to avoid bugs when developing the product. This will prevent any project delays

Calculated positive ROI

Quick calculating the potential ROI for engagement can lead to a response in as little as 3 months


Analytics that helps you to take control of your business

Go beyond just meeting your trading partner’s requirement, Streamline your Business with EDI by Design

EDI BY DESIGN dashboard
ERP dashboard
EBD dashboard

Short Description of our product

We have practical experience in an EDI testing administration that sets you up to meet the consistent prerequisites of your retail clients. This way you get an active asset at EDI by Design Commerce to ensure everything is chugging along as expected, while your client focuses on empowering you within different parts of the business, like finance etc.


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Modernize your retail Industry with superior technology


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