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EDI allows retailers to automate the process of sending and receiving documents such as purchase orders, invoices, and shipping notices. EDI systems can also help retailers leverage their data in other ways, such as creating more personalized customer experiences


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EDI Testing

EDI testing & certification

Comply with your trading partners EDI testing


Web form based EDI solution

Comply with your trading partners EDI requirements

finance Integration

Integrate with financial institution

Integrate your EDI relationship with your bank by handling all your Payable and Receivable relationships

API integration

API Development

Create your own API allowing others to communicate directly with you

Locally Install

Locally Install EDI solutions

Integrate the entire EDI process into your organization's ERP or accounting system

supply chain

Supply Chain Solutions

Improve connectivity and deliver quick access to data for better decision-making

How We Help Retailers:

How we help Retailers

A complete experience that the partners & customers can engage with in a meaningful way

Automate supplier communication

If you’re still relying on phone calls, emails, and faxes to communicate orders with suppliers, it’s time to switch to EDI. This will enable your business to have a more efficient order fulfillment process that is consistent across all parties involved.

Simplify order management

An EDI order portal will provide visibility into whether your supplier can fill and deliver your orders on time, thereby ensuring that you are always aware, in real time, about the status of your orders.

Improve warehouse efficiency

EDI notifies you about any incoming shipments. It also optimizes your workforce's level and ensures that more products are available on time and ready for consumers.

Streamline Invoice reconciliation

Get EDI data from suppliers to automate the reconciliation process between orders, goods received, and invoices. This will help save time on manual work and provide access to early payment discounts.

Lowered Expenses

More visibility in the supply chain enables you to reduce expenses. This is because with more visibility to the supply chain, it will be clear how much product will be required.

Greater Accuracy

Automated message validation ensures that formatting errors are caught before they reach your trading partners and data integrity in internal systems is maintained.


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